Dear Brew Cruzers,

We hope you are staying safe, healthy, and strong in this uncertain and unprecedented time. While the breweries are closed, Betty Jane, Slowboy, and our small team of drivers are in limbo, waiting to see when happy passengers will once again board for a day of much needed celebration. We are choosing to practice as much kindness, positivity, and flexibility as we can right now, since we are also asking the same of our loyal customers. Being a small, local business, this new navigation of the unknown is both scary and humbling. Thankfully, there's no other community we'd rather weather the storm with. We encourage you to continue to support each other, and, if you have the means right now, any purchases for future tour dates or gift certificates would be greatly appreciated! 

Looking forward to seeing 'ya on the other side.

Love, Annie 



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Brew Cruz Captain Annie spent her years in high school and college largely exploring the world, and her 20's finding her niche in life! After a myriad of jobs and experiences in San Francisco, she came back to Santa Cruz, her family's mecca for many generations. The taste for craft beer had also lingered in her family tree, so it was no surprise that, while on a tasting tour of craft breweries in Boulder, Co during the Summer of 2013, the idea for Brew Cruz was born. 


Annie bought the bus off a band in San Francisco, and relocated her to Felton, Ca where the transformation took place. Refurbishing the bus was truly a labor of love, and took about 7 months to complete. ‘Betty Jane’ (as she is affectionately called) is a 1989 Thomas International, which was a pretty incredible chassis to work on. Under the talented direction and capable hands of contractor Scott MacDonald, and with the help of generous friends and family, Brew Cruz emerged! 


Beer is for lovers, for adventurers and travelers, both the lost and the found. It is for celebrations and failures, toasts and times of condolence. Beer is about trying new things; taking the familiar and making it the unknown. It is surprising and comforting, frothy and forgiving.


Beer, family, and friends are the reasons I was able to create this business, and find the passion I have in life. I feel blessed. I am thankful. 


2018.  Proudly created by Brew Cruz. ToS